Yacine Merzouk


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Too busy to be smart

The first challenge I faced as a business owner was to sell my services.

The second challenge I faced was to keep improving my services, systems, and processes once my schedule was 100% booked with client work.

Being innovative, or at the very least self-critical, is at the core of a successful business. Unfortunately I realized only too late that it takes time to review system, plan for the future, and generally get better and more efficient at what I do.

In other words, I’m too busy to be smart.

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An entrepreneur cannot have too many things on his or her mind. The key is either to keep the scope of operations focused or delegate responsibilities. There is no other way to be successful and be sane at the same time.

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Your current project is not as bad as you feel it is. Your next project is not as great as you think it is.

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